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Cut Cable & Start Watching FREE TV

SkyStreamX Android TV Box allows you to stream your favorite movies, TV shows, and sporting events legally right to your TV! Along with hundreds of add-ons, SkyStreamX Android Internet TV Box makes this all available without any fees or subscription costs! Read more

Turn Your TV into a Smart TV

Download apps from the Google Play Store right to the SkyStreamX Android TV Box and have complete access to them right through your TV. From web browsers to games, and office apps to music players, your TV is getting an upgrade to "Smart"! Read more

The Ultimate Multimedia Machine

With XBMC pre-loaded on your SkyStreamX Android TV Box, you have every movie and TV show right at your fingertips. XBMC will stream live TV, movies, shows and sports right in the comfort of your own home without one penny out of pocket! Read more

Ready to Listen to Some Jams

With access to over hundred's of music stations, your music listening time just got extended. Download apps right to the SkystreamX Android TV Box like Pandora, SoundCloud, Google Play Music and more, just sit back and relax while listening to your favorite jams. Read more

Welcome to SkyStreamX

The fastest & smartest Android Internet TV Box to date. This Android TV Box will turn your everyday living room into the ultimate multimedia gateway with out paying for any subscriptions or annual fees and all with an internet connection. Access to programs such as XBMC, YouTube, Netflix and much more, just at the touch of a button.

The SkyStreamX is a dual core, Android OS Multimedia Center that allows you to watch over 100,000 movies, tv shows & sports channels without having to pay a dime. No need for cable televsion any more! If you are looking to save some money & enjoy watching your favorite movies then purchase a SkyStreamX.
"Stop paying for cable, watch your favorite shows, movies & sporting events all while saving $100 per month with a SkyStreamX Android TV Box!"

SkyStreamX Android TV Box In Action

Free TV, Movies, Sports and Shows!

Replace your Roku, Apple TV and Cable!

The SkyStreamX Android TV Box replaces your old Roku, Apple TV and even cable box! You'll get thousands of movies, channels and sporting events to choose from at the touch of a button. The SkyStreamX Android TV Box is a mini-pc, running Android 4.2 Jellybean with a Dual-Core processor packed with 8 GB of hard drive space and 1 GB of RAM so your viewing experience is promised to be better than expected. Unlike our competitors, the SkyStreamX comes ready to enjoy, just plug it in and prepare for the best multimedia experience including outputs for digital surround sound and HDMI. With an open access platform, the SkyStreamX is completely customizable from backdrops to the programs you download from the Google Play store - The SkyStreamX is truly the ultimate multimedia machine!

Jailbreaking is Out - SkyStreamX is In

Never worry about jailbreaking again or not updating your Apple TV so your jailbreak stays! The SkyStreamX is an open platform media center, designed to update Over-The-Air so you never have to worry about having the latest and greatest firmware. Access to the Google Play Store and being able to configure your own APK file leaves customizing your box a breeze. The SkyStreamX comes loaded with apps and programs so right out of the box you're ready to start streaming your favorite movies, shows and sporting events without any downloading or finding the "right" program. We take all the guess work out so all you have to do is enjoy!

If you are looking for the Ultimate Multimedia Gateway and don't want to spend a fortune then look no further! Learn more...

Why choose SkyStreamX?

  • Over-The-Air Updates
  • "Ready to Watch" XBMC software
  • A REAL One Year Warranty
  • Fastest Android Internet TV Box
  • Never needs to be Jailbroken
  • Ongoing Support and Forum
  • No "Extra" Software Added
  • Web Browser & App Store on TV
  • Immediate Access to Thousand's of Movies

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Here at SkyStream Technologies, we provide our customers with the ultimate home theater experience. The SkyStreamX Android TV Box allows users to watch their favorite TV Shows, Movies & Sporting Events without having to pay a monthly subscription or having any monthly bill! Start streaming your favorite TV Shows, movies & sporting events without having to worry about monthly bills or subscriptions! SkyStreamX Android TV Box is a "plug & play" box ready for your viewing!

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